Olivia Olson    

Olivia Olson is a poet and librarian in metro Detroit where she has the good fortune to work with young writers who are sure to take over the world any day now. Some of her recent writing can be found in Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Maudlin House, BOAAT, Quaint Magazine, and elsewhereA wordy blog and a full list of publications can be found on her website.


Shinjini Bhattacharjee

Shinjini Bhattacharjee is the founder, publisher, and the editor-in-chief of Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal and Press. She considers herself to be a lexical photographer who loves to rummage through language to find words that smell like infinite spandex, and weave them into images to cloak her experiences and emotions. Her poems have been published, or are forthcoming in Cimarron Review, DecomP, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Gone Lawn, Red Paint Hills, and elsewhere. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize twice. Learn more about her at

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